Wolseley Case Study


The Challenge

Part of Wolseley PLC, one of the world’s largest distributors of building products, Wolseley UK is synonymous with innovation and efficiency. The 78,000 sq feet head office is based in Leamington Spa, together with the company’s data centre and a custom-built training and demonstration centre.

In 2009, Wolseley UK’s Site Facilities Manager John Page wrote a specification for a computer-aided system designed to help maintain the estate’s facilities in premium condition. His design centred on a portal that would manage every job from start to finish, but having reviewed the market, it was clear that no system had yet been developed to the required specification.

The need for change was compounded by the desire to improve efficiency with regard to proactive maintenance. Wolseley UK is committed to sustainability across their estate, however the planned regime simply wasn’t delivering the expected level of improvement in asset performance and life cycle. Much greater control was needed to meet the company’s exacting standards.

The Solution

Founded in 2011, Cloudfm launched the first fully integrated system that met Wolseley UK’s stringent demands. The standout features for Wolseley UK were the real-time data and reporting capability, enabling complete control of performance and spend, plus the rich data-set tailored to the Wolseley UK estate.

The core system was quickly mobilised to include a bespoke client portal that monitors all FM activity on the site. This was followed by a total asset management offering in phase two, and the ability to track, manage and audit compliance to OHSAS 18001 standard in phase three (a key driver for Wolseley UK).

Furthermore, Wolseley UK was impressed by Cloudfm’s unique approach to proactive maintenance, whereby multi-skilled engineers work to SFG20 standards, thus employing best practice and maximising the useful life of assets. The technical expertise offered by Cloudfm’s consulting division was also welcome, particularly in regard to achieving accreditations such as BREEAM.

Main Outcomes

  • The FM Manager now has complete visibility of all FM activity, at task-level and in real-time.
  • Reactive works have reduced by two-thirds as a result of Cloudfm’s commitment to delivering a consistent and high quality planned maintenance service.
  • SLA performance has improved and there have been significant improvements in the overall quality of work as a result of the engineers’ expertise.
  • Cloudfm helped Wolseley to achieve OHSAS 18001, and in 2014 worked with the brand to achieve BREEAM Excellent
  • Wolseley UK’s Leamington Spa site has been showcased as an example by the BSI auditing team, who praised the level of visibility, flexibility and control afforded by the system.
  • Compliance has improved as a result of PPM works being reliably and expertly carried out.
  • Wolseley UK has achieved much greater value from its FM budget thanks to the more efficient process used to plan and implement works.

Increased Visibility

The FM Manager now has complete visibility of all FM activity, at task-level and in real-time

Improved Performance

SLA performance has improved and the overall quality of work has also improved


Enhanced Compliance

There is greater document control, enabling reviewing and monitoring of tasks and compliance

Reduced Costs

Reactive works have reduced by two-thirds as a result of our commitment to delivering a high quality planned maintenance service

Client Feedback

“I have greater visibility of both reactive and planned works, and compliance. I can see in minutes what, historically, it would have taken me days and a considerable number of phone calls to find out.

Cloudfm has supported me to work smarter – I can see exactly what’s happening and plan around that. It also enables me to report accurately the current situation and see where the budget is going, so I can make better cost projections.

SLAs have improved, the quality of the work is much better and the Cloudfm system manages that, day to day with monthly audits.

Cloudfm’s mobile component – scanning QR codes and recording time and place through a smart phone – was a key factor in our decision making. It makes so much sense that when a tradesman arrives he can log in and see not only his job but also other jobs that he can complete while on site, gaining us more productivity out of the visit.

Cloudfm fits our organisational programmes and objectives, helping us to achieve OHSAS 18001 which is an excellent management system to work to in many areas of the business. For example, tradesmen’s competencies are recorded and the Cloudfm system can demonstrate that the person completing the work was competent to do so.

Technical knowledge and advice has been brilliant. The team has been very good at looking at all the plant and advising how to upload that information to the system.

Quite simply, Cloudfm delivers on its promises.”

John Page

Site FM Manager, Wolseley