Building on the BIFM Report

How has your FM delivery model evolved over time?

Is the profile of your FM expenditure reducing year on year?

Is your FM supply chain a source of competitive advantage?

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In the FM marketplace there can often be a mismatch between the value that buying organisations believe they are paying for, what they could receive and what they are actually receiving.

We wanted to get to the heart of this issue, and so in January 2014 we worked in partnership with BIFM to commission an independent research company to interview more than 150 senior managers and directors who are responsible for FM expenditure in some of the UK’s largest companies.

This comprehensive research formed the basis of BIFM’s landmark report ‘FM & The Trust Dividend’, and also provided sufficient independent data for us to explore the wider challenges facing FM – such as perceptions surrounding value.

Overall value for money in FM can be measured across 7 key dimensions:

  1. Quality of service
  2. Compliance to mandated policies and procedures
  3. Achieving year on year cost reductions
  4. Visibility and control of delivery
  5. Account management
  6. Managing internal expectations
  7. Maintaining/enhancing organisation reputation

The findings reveal a distinctive gap between the relative importance of these 7 dimensions and how well buying organisations perceive they have been able to address them. Click here to read Part 1: Identifying & Setting Priorities.