Scope Case Study

The Challenge

Scope has been supporting disabled people for 60 years, working to create equal opportunities in all aspects of daily life. The charity’s network of 236 retail stores in England and Wales provides a vital source of funding, and the quality of customer experience and governance around costs is therefore essential. By 2012, however, a lack of visibility, data and control in the FM space meant that the stores were not maintained to the required standard, and the impact on quality and cost was unacceptable. The lack of data also made it difficult to improve the situation, a problem that was compounded by a lack of dedicated account management support.

The Solution

Following a comprehensive market review, Scope commissioned Cloudfm to take over management of maintenance across the retail estate. The availability of real-time performance, compliance and cost data was a key driver behind the selection, as was the superior level of account management provided.

Based on the historic poor performance of the existing supply chain, Scope requested a completely new contractor base, which was organised and in place prior to mobilisation. Cloudfm adopted a proactive approach, focusing on reducing the volume and cost of reactive works through a more rigorous planned preventative maintenance regime, together with more strategic planning using the data provided by their bespoke system platform.

Main Outcomes

  • 43% saving on reactive and quoted works within the first 9 months
  • 15% saving on planned preventative maintenance (PPM) in Year 1
  • Significant improvement in compliance, with statutory documentation available online the moment a task is completed
  • Consistently positive feedback received from Scope’s regional, area and store managers, and the elimination of ‘noise’
  • Vastly improved SLA completion delivered by new regional contractors
  • Visibility of all activity and data across the estate, enabling costs to be traced easily and increasing confidence in FM within the business

Client Feedback

“I’ve worked with systems before, but they’ve always been complicated to use and generally out of date. The Cloudfm system makes it easy to see what’s going on at all times – we can use the information to enhance the service, try different things and improve costs. It’s so user friendly that I can check on things remotely, without having to bother people.

Just as important is the partnership we’ve developed. I have a dedicated team who always know what’s happening and go out of their way to support us. It’s so important to work with people who understand our business. Also, the information is open to everyone, including the supply chain, so relationships across the board are improved.

SLA completion is definitely better and we are much more compliant. With all the documents on the system if we need to prove anything it’s all there. Before we would have had to request the paperwork and wait, which was a nightmare. With our system the information is available immediately, and we’ve saved 15% on PPM.

We actively seek feedback on maintenance from our area, regional and store managers, and now it’s always positive. Things are happening, the work gets done and costs are coming down – this just didn’t happen before.

We’ve recently increased Cloudfm’s remit to include energy management and project work. Their service is excellent and it makes sense to keep everything in one place. We’re also planning to roll out a new strategic programme focused on quoted works, and this should deliver even more savings.”


Greg Parker

Building Surveyor & Projects Manager, Scope