If maintaining your properties is frustrating, costly and time consuming we have a solution…

If maintaining your properties is frustrating, costly and time consuming we have a solution…

According to independent research* 76% of Facilities Management & Property Professionals say there is a significant opportunity to improve visibility and control of delivery, yet 74% reported there is a less than 5% opportunity to reduce costs. Surely these go hand in hand and the opportunity must be greater than 5%?

Our systems and governance protocols are delivering savings in excess of 20% across PPM, reactive, quoted works and capital expenditure for over 6000 operational units including restaurants, retailers and offices across the UK right now.

Our systems also deliver game changing control, reporting and governance for clients and site managers.

The latest technology allows clients to modernise the management of facilities without being tied to expensive systems and being charged expensive management fees. By managing and controlling the supply chain and invoicing protocols more effectively, savings are realised without unfair pressures on your suppliers.

You can and should now expect the following:

Automated task logging and tracking – site managers should be able to log and track the tasks they raise without waiting for a helpdesk and continually chasing urgent tasks. You should be doing air traffic control not getting involved in telephone chase ups or having to track down what is happening.

Site by site real time expenditure recognition – you should be able to see exactly what has been spent, accrued and requested in real time. Seeing maintenance costs appear on the P&L over 3 months after completion is no longer acceptable.

Pay for what you get – prompt attendance should be rewarded, not poor attendance or quality; your invoicing protocols should be smart enough to know when and how long a contractor was on site and your site managers’ feedback should audit the performance before payment.

Key suppliers are protected –long term relationships with your key suppliers should be protected by outsourcing, not damaged or replaced.

Planned Maintenance should produce clear savings – if you invest in preventative works then you should be supported in doing the right thing because you can show a clear business case benefit.

Compliance visits 100% controlled – at any time you should know what has taken place, be able to see the certifications, see contractor performance and be able to demonstrate this to governing authorities.

If you do not currently have the services above then you may be expending a lot of resource managing an inefficient system and we can help.

There is another way to drive down costs and that is control. Better management of your maintenance requests, better support for your managers, real time updates as the maintenance activity progresses and detailed tracking of engineers, activities, invoices and costs. Apply the pressure at the right points and you will stop the pain.

If you’re interested in discussing how the Cloudfm Group can give you the control you expect of your own operations for property and maintenance contractors then please contact me today.

*Our research of 150 senior FM professionals was conducted in conjunction with the BIFM and white papers are available from our website.

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October 31, 2014