Building on the BIFM Report

In Part 3 of the series we cover the research findings surrounding the way that client organisations achieve excellence. As well as reflecting upon the way buying organisations currently rate themselves, we also examine the importance of a transformational mindset.

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In Part 2 of this series, we compared the various delivery models by speaking to over 150 senior FM professionals (click here to read). This research was conducted as part of a joint project with the BIFM in which we conducted extensive interviews and collected a huge amount of qualitative data.

Part 3 addresses the challenge of achieving excellence. Questions such as ‘what does good look like’ broken down by specific areas, and ‘how close do you feel to achieving it’ produced some interesting results. We also analysed the differences in perception between Board and Non-Board respondents, and significant gaps emerged.

This paper also looks at excellence in the context of supplier relationships, compliance and internal views of the FM function, concluding with a summary of the critical ingredients our research identified. Click here to read the full report.