Mobile app technology has formed the basis of our real-time monitoring system from the start, and we are delighted to announce that we have launched a brand new version to the market.

Faster, more intuitive and with a host of additional features, the new app will make life easier for the 4000+ engineers who use the Cloudfm system on a daily basis.

Using the new app, clients and suppliers can track activity by asset, as well as location. Planned Preventative Maintenance can be more effectively delivered, and grouped odd jobs undertaken in a more controlled way. Tasks can be assigned and delegated at the touch of a button, and all information is fed back to the central Cloudfm system.

The app also captures details of labour and materials used, and ensures that everyone involved is aware of any remedial work needed. By sharing data in this transparent way, without the scope for error created by manual entry, clients, contractors and the Cloudfm support team have full visibility of all activity, complete with real-time data on financial liability and compliance.

As with all proprietary technology developed by Cloudfm, the mobile app is tailored to the needs of clients and engineers. Resilient, practical and streamlined, it will increase the speed and accuracy of reporting, and ensure seamless communication between clients and suppliers.


Watch video on how to use the App