At Cloudfm, we regularly recognise and reward the outstanding work that our employees do. Our Velocity programme was recently launched whereby staff can nominate colleagues who they think show real potential and talent. The winners will be empowered to fast track their development with a minimum of three personal coaching sessions (plus a gift voucher as a treat).

Empowering individuals to be there best selves is extremely important to us at Cloudfm and our CEO, Jeff Dewing, recently explored the subject with Mandy Hickson, former fast jet pilot and friend of Cloudfm.

Jeff’s view is that, when you empower your employees, by default they are accountable, and you should never remove that empowerment because of something that may or may not be happening. The impact of removing this could be great to their personal development and level of trust.

According to Mandy, giving that ability for somebody else to be making decisions is very common in the Royal Air Force. What’s more, leading on projects is expected at a very junior stage of your career. Mandy came across many situations where the learning curve was vertical and, although tough, she felt that her journey as a leader had improved so much because she was empowered and her superior had not stepped in to take control.

Watch the video below to hear more about what Mandy and Jeff have to say on the true power of empowerment.