How to become a partner

Our on-boarding process has 3 key stages. Firstly we will ‘pre-qualify’ you. We will ask some generic questions about your business and tell you a little about ours. We will probably meet you so we each get a better insight into the other’s business and approach.

We operate three levels of partnership

  • Tier 1 – key contractors – full SLA. Handle major clients on (IFM) or (sub-contract) basis. Generally broad capabilities, multi-region coverage. Possibly handle more than one key client.
  • Tier 2 – key Suppliers – full SLA. Appointed regionally or locally handling both PPM and reactive maintenance tasks. Sometimes used as back-up to Tier 1 especially if Tier 1 encounters difficulties in particular tasks.
  • Tier 3 – full SLA. Generally local focus, geographical limited, possibly niche specialism. May be developed into tier 2 supplier in time. Employed to meet tasks that T1 and T2 is unable to do, for whatever reason.

Tier 1 and 2 collectively handle the bulk (95%) of our contract tasks.

Cloudfm Supplier Charter

We are committed to working in partnership with suppliers, and have set out our responsibilities and our expectations in the Cloudfm Supplier Charter

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Service Level Agreement

If formally appointed we will agree an SLA with you that confirms:

  1. The client you are aligned to
  2. Basic response times
  3. Key performance indicators

The SLA will ensure that our business relationship sets off and then develops in a satisfactory way. We consciously allow a ‘bedding-in’ period for new partners to become accustomed to our way of working (provided that client satisfaction is maintained at all times).

On Boarding & Performance Management

Our system provides a 24-7-365 record of performance. We will provide free training on the system at our Colchester main office. We provide this, in principle, for as long as required. If you have new staff you can send them for training at a later stage – again free of charge.

During the early days of the relationship we will solely focus on your operational performance. Once you are an established partner then we will start to discuss more strategic matters such as future opportunities.