Last week our Cloudfm OTS team attended the VI National Meeting of Facility Management & Services, organised by the publication Facility M & S magazine and held in Madrid.

This year’s event brought together more than 160 industry professionals to share expert insights on the impact of digitalisation on facilities management.

FM and subject matter experts held debates and discussed how technology has become one of the basic pillars of FM. With a strong focus on improving service quality and user experience, attendees heard about innovations aimed at generating improvements in the quality of life of users, optimising the life cycle of real estate and boosting the growth of companies.

Last year, Cloudfm and leading Spanish provider Optima Facility announced the formation of a joint venture which launched our ground breaking FM model to the Spanish market.

And, recognising the potential for unlocking additional value from their facilities management budget through the provider’s innovative approach, one of Spain’s leading contract caterers, Serunion, engaged Cloudfm to manage all hard FM across the estate.

We are thrilled that Cloudfm’s Serunion representative, Guim Crusellas, was invited to speak at the event on the success story of Serunion’s transition to Cloudfm’s award winning digital solution. Cloudfm’s unique technology and processes have delivered an even greater level of effectiveness to Serunion’s maintenance.