Last year, we were asked to contribute to Global Franchise magazine, and of course we were very pleased to share our insights on effective building maintenance.

Global Franchise magazine offers expert advice to franchisee owners and operators, covering everything from running restaurants, to pet stores, to service business. The franchising industry has remained resilient through economic challenges, and is now worth over £15 billion to the UK economy.

Jeff Dewing, Cloudfm’s CEO, shared his experience in working with franchises and franchisees, in an article that explains how franchisees can gain more value from facilities management. As in many other business sectors, a twin focus on cost control and quality can have a significant positive impact on customer experience, staff satisfaction and financial performance.

Cloudfm currently works with several major franchisee groups. Working with these organisations, we have been able to apply our processes and systems to improve the quality of environments, while controlling costs.

Click here to read the full article, from Global Franchise magazine.