Last week Cloudfm hosted a seminar on Electrical Installation Condition Reporting (EICR), exploring how the industry could improve its processes.

We brought together a group of our own subject matter experts, supply chain partners, and senior representatives of the trade association NAPIT, to discuss the challenges EICRs pose for FM providers and building operators.

Cloudfm exists to drive positive change in the industry. A significant aspect of that is helping to develop and optimise regulatory processes that deliver higher quality and efficiency. We are working on an ongoing basis with experts in the industry to raise the baseline standards of electrical installation condition reports, and ensure building operators, contractors and providers of FM always receive clear, actionable guidance on electrical issues.

Brendon Airey, Energy Manager at Cloudfm, said:

“At Cloudfm, we want to lead the way in how the industry approaches electrical safety.

“EICR’s are a powerful tool to maintain safe electrical systems. There’s lots of evidence that EICR’s are poorly understood across the industry, and that can have severe consequences for all concerned.”