The high level of expertise we maintain at every level of our business is a vital part of our ability to provide the best quality and value in the industry. To aid this, we regularly hold ‘Client Weeks’, when we work with a specific client to develop and run a number of themed activities for our team members over the course of the week.

It may seem like fun and games, but the main objective of these weeks is a serious one: for Cloudfm employees, from Helpdesk to Finance, to further develop their understanding of our clients’ businesses. This means that every member of the team is in the best possible position to help their clients’ meet their short and long-term business objectives.

This week Cloudfm have been immersing our employees in the worlds of BPP and Shelter.

David Harris, Cloudfm’s Account Manager for Shelter, commented:

“Detailed knowledge of our clients’ businesses is important to help us build a successful, sustainable partnership. Our client weeks are an effective way of helping Cloudfm staff to extend their knowledge, and this week has been no exception.”

“By continuing to build and maintain a company-wide understanding of how our clients’ businesses work, we can ensure that our service helps them meet their strategic objectives.”