Research on brand perception in the UK FM industry is limited – but the i-FM Brands Survey report offers some useful insight on how the various players in the market are viewed by purchasers and competitors alike.

Although the report focuses on the largest and multinational players in the sector, the latest edition of the report identifies Cloudfm as a ‘challenger’ brand, recognised for its innovative technology platform and for doing things differently. Indeed, Cloudfm was founded to drive disruption in the marketplace by changing the rules of FM, and currently stands as the only FM provider to offer a completely transparent and fully automated end-to-end management process.

Brands Survey respondents saw the future of FM as ‘challenging’, ‘innovative’ and incorporating ‘smart technology’ – and these are all central aspects of the Cloudfm offer.

Although traditional mindsets are still common in the FM industry, surveys like this one evidence a widespread desire for change, and illustrate the momentum behind the type of approach that Cloudfm advocates and puts into practice.