At Cloudfm, we believe in investing in our teams so they can be the best they can be, both personally and professionally. Our CEO, Jeff, recently caught up with inspirational former fighter jet pilot Mandy Hickson to talk about the qualities of highly effective people.

Having served on the front line in high, intense environments, Mandy is used to making life changing decisions at speed and having to put 100% trust in the team around her. It takes a highly effective person to carry this out and Mandy shared what she thinks individuals must focus on in order to develop these qualities, the knowledge of which can be passed on to those in a business environment.

Firstly, it’s about calmness. If something unexpected occurs and you react to it immediately you will probably make the wrong decision. Taking a step back and having situational awareness and understanding of how that will project to the future is really important.

Mandy also believes that being given the empowerment to make decisions, and the accountability that goes with it, is essential to becoming a highly effective individual. What’s more, it’s a lot about preparation. The person that is prepared the most will be the person that is successful, be it in business or in the flying environment.

Watch the video below to find out what other qualities Mandy believes are integral for individuals to practice, in order to be successful in business.