Our Clients


Cross Sector Expertise

Our clients include prestigious brands in retail, restaurants, commercial property and charities, and our senior team have a proven track record in many more sectors besides. We believe that our unique approach to managing multi-site businesses in the UK and Europe translates to any industry, particularly where rapid response, quality of service and cost control are priorities.

With over 3000 engineers at our disposal, backed by the Cloudfm system and team, we can deliver industry-leading SLAs as a matter of course. The scope and flexibility of our proposition enables us to meet clients’ evolving demands at a pace that suits them, helping to maximise sales and enhance the customer experience.

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Some of the brands we work with:


We manage over 3000 retail outlets in the UK and Europe, working with leading brands such as Karen Millen, Coast, Warehouse, Oasis, Poundland and Wolseley. Combined with our extensive restaurant portfolio, this gives us significant high street capability, ensuring rapid response times by skilled engineers. We can also pinpoint engineers’ location at any time using our GPS technology, so managers know exactly who will attend and when.

Another way in which we support retailers, and in particular their goal to maximise sales, is through data. Our unique process means that clients can trust our real-time performance and financial management information, and can therefore influence profitability far more effectively. Click here to read a Case Study.

With circa 1000 restaurants in our portfolio, we understand the vital importance of quality data, rapid response and cost control in this sector. Not trading is not an option in such a fast-paced consumer environment, so supply chain resilience and completion times are also essential.

The Cloudfm solution offers restaurant clients a way to maintain control at all times, with accurate real-time data available 24/7. We have the supply chain capability to compress response times, and the systems in place to accelerate first time fix rates through strategies such as spare part tracking. Added to this, our solution works to reduce costs and help maximise profitability, all without compromising quality.

Working with organisations such as Guardian Group, we are well used to meeting the needs of clients who run a 24/7 office-based operation. Availability of skilled resource and speed are priorities in an environment where any disruption to FM impacts occupants’ comfort and ability to work. Four minutes rather than four hours is the expected response time, and resident engineers are invaluable.

We also know the importance of control and visibility in the commercial space, from systematic PPM and compliance management to real-time workflow and end-to-end cost control – all of which are delivered by the Cloudfm solution. Click here to read a Case Study.

In such a fast-paced environment, where customer experience rivals cost as the key driver, effective FM is critical. Our senior engineers have considerable experience in this sector, working on projects related to HVAC, refurbishment and energy, as well as hard and soft service management.

From maintenance and cleaning to landscaping, we provide an unrivalled level of visibility and control matched by fast response times, multi-skilled resident engineers and an unwavering focus on quality. Furthermore our pan-European operation means we have the capability and compliance knowledge to serve and protect clients throughout the world.


Through working with high profile charities such as Shelter, we’ve honed our proposition for the not for profit sector, focusing on transparency and results. Our unique solution creates a real-time audit trail, enabling clients to demonstrate best value and good governance at all times, while enabling them to focus solidly on their core purpose.

This is achieved through a more proactive approach to maintenance, and by gaining control of all activity across multiple sites, down to the minute.